Atkinson-Stern Tennis Center
New Orleans, Louisiana


  1. All players must sign-in and pay fees prior to entering the courts.

  2. Proper tennis attire should always be worn when playing. 

       Shirts must be worn at all times.


  3. Proper shoes must be worn; small grooved tennis shoes only. No dress shoes,         

      boots, or large grooved tennis shoes are allowed on courts.


  4. Loitering, loud talking, loud music and profane language are forbidden 

      on facility grounds.


  5. No public restrooms. Reserved for tennis participants, guests and staff only.


  6. Parking is reserved for staff and players only. Any vehicle left unattended 

      will be towed away.


  7. Food and drinks are allowed in downstairs concession building only.


  8. Play at your own risk. The City of New Orleans NORD, Atkinson-Stern Tennis Center             and Staff will not be responsible for any injuries and accidents on facility site.


  9. Teaching instruction strictly forbidden while on courts by non-staff. 

      See Manager/Pro for instructions.


       In case of emergencies, immediately inform 

     duty staff or Manager.